"Their enthusiasm and sheer enjoyment of making music is a delight to experience!"   

"One of the best Irish bands I've ever seen... the music they make is jaw-dropping good."

“Congratulations to you and all your kids, they were fabulous.  Please tell them I said so!”   

"There's a reason the group has gained high accolades, including being featured on NPR. This is really a gem in our own backyard."

About Live at 171 Cedar: "...this album is a true representation of how far they have come. The playing is of a very high standard technically and this, combined with creative arrangements and great energy, has produced an album of wonderful music. To produce a live cd of this quality is a fantastic achievement."

"I drove about 50 miles to hear Lúnasa, which I enjoyed a great deal. But I was much more impressed with your groups… In fact, I was totally BLOWN AWAY that today's high-schoolers would latch onto Irish music at all, let alone be SO GOOD at it."   

"The students and teachers are extremely professional... We look forward to their performance every year!"

“Róisín Dubh is an old soul of the traditional Irish Music sound. Superb execution. You will be thoroughly impressed! ”