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Thursday, September 21: ER 6-12 Open House

Friday, September 22: Rochester Fringe Festival, 8 PM

Thursday, Sept 28: Central Library of Rochester, 12 PM

Sunday, November 5: Irish Music Workshops @ ERHS

Friday, December 1: NYSSMA Winter Conference, 12 PM

Friday, December 2: The Little Cafe, 7 PM

About Us

For nearly a quarter of a century, the musicians of East Rochester's Róisín Dubh have brought their unique style of high-energy Irish music to audiences in western New York and beyond. Heard on NPRs famous Thistle & Shamrock, Róisín Dubh has performed more than 450 times, released four albums, and shared the stage with some of the top Irish musicians from our region and the world.

3 Elements of Róisín Dubh

Traditional Music

The bulk of our repertoire comes from the Irish music tradition, with a few additions from Scotland, Appalachia, and other sources.

Traditional Instruction

Our musicians learn technique, style, and repertoire by ear, through modeling. Music is rarely notated until it has already been learned.

Student Creativity

Once a tune is learned, the student performers begin to create and improvise chords, rhythmic backups, and harmonies to create their own arrangements.

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Of Tunes Played

Hire Róisín Dubh!

Róisín Dubh is available to perform at public and private events. We typically present 20+ performances a year, and students have performed more than 450 times since the program's inception in 2001. We normally have 30 to 60 tunes in our repertoire, and our performances can last from just a few tunes up to three hours without repeated music. If you are interested in hiring Róisín Dubh or need more information on our performances, please contact director Mark Gowman.